Several Dulux Protective Coatings products are formulated with high levels of micaceous iron (MIO) pigment, a very dark coloured layered mineral with a subtle metallic lustre that offers outstanding protection against the elements.

Micaceous Iron Oxide Colours

  • Natural Grey
  • Mid Grey
  • St Enoch Grey
  • Structural Green
Durebild STE MIO Natural Grey Mid Grey St Enoch Grey
Duremax GPE MIO Mid Grey
Ferrodor 810 Natural Grey Mid Grey St Enoch Grey
Ferreko No 3 Natural Grey Mid Grey
Ferreko No 5 Mid Grey Structural Green
Ferreko No 6 Natural Grey Mid Grey
Weathermax® HBR MIO Natural Grey Mid Grey
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Products formulated with MIO pigment only can vary in colour from almost black to dark grey, and may occasionally exhibit slight red-brown tones, depending on other, trace minerals present in the pigment, and this, in turn, depends on where the pigment was mined. Therefore, there may be colour variation from product to product, and even from batch to batch. As MIO coatings are formulated for performance in harsh environments, and not as decorative finishes, therefore the Specifier must take this into account when specifying MIO coatings.

Lighter shades of MIO coatings are achieved by blending aluminium flake with the MIO pigment.

The appearance of the actual MIO finish can vary significantly depending on spray technique, such as angle of spray, choice of spray tip, distance from spray tip to substrate, and other variables. Other application methods, such as brush and roller, will produce vastly different results also.

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Read before you specify

Before specifying any MIO products, please read our two Tech Notes on MIO Coatings.

Micaceous Iron Oxide coatings – what are they?
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Micaceous Iron Oxide Colours

The colour samples here are only indicative of the colours available, and may appear to vary from colours on the actual product colour. Please note that whilst every effort has been made to accurately match the colours, Dulux Protective Coatings advises that there may be significant colour variation between the two. Please read our Colour Accuracy Statement.