Colour Accuracy

Whilst every effort has been made to accurately match the colours represented on our website to colours represented on our colour cards, Dulux Protective Coatings advises that there may be significant colour variation between these two. These variations arise due to different computer monitors (make, model and technology of the monitor, as well as resolution, contrast and brightness control settings) in much the same way a scan will differ from an original image and a colour photocopy.

Please note that the Quantum FX and Micaceous Iron Oxide colours can also exhibit additional variation in perceived colour due to the metallic flake pigments they contain. The perceived colour of metallic pigmented paints varies widely according to viewing angle and light source (ie incandescent, fluorescent, halogen or natural light).

Furthermore, coatings can exhibit variation in perceived colour depending on gloss level (eg. Quantum FX colours look brighter and deeper when topcoated with the high gloss Quantum Clear) and application method (ie. brush, roller and spray give rise to different finishes).

If you need to specify any of our colours for a specific project, and require a colour card, please visit us in-store or contact us.

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